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Beyond the idea of right and wrong there is a field.
I'll meet you there.


Healing Through Relationship

I believe in the healing power of relationships and am passionate about working with individuals, couples, and families to enhance the quality of their lives.  I know just how difficult it can be to talk to the most important people about the most important things -- how hard it is to make and sustain change.  I have a wide range of experience working with people of all ages -- individuals struggling with loss, depression, anxiety, and the challenges of the life cycle.

The Way I See It

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I see each individual as a product and part of a system, starting with the family of origin where attachment styles -  ways of being connected to others - are created.  These templates for relationship stay with us throughout our lives as we enter into marriage or partnership and create our own families.  In our lifetimes we experience waves of  growth, change, and loss, which stress and challenge each one of us. And through it all we continually confront ourselves and those templates of relationship.

 Couples Therapy

Together with our partners, we create and repeat patterns which keep us from getting the love we want and need. Plainly put, we push each other away and fail to meet our primary longing for connection.  My work is to help couples recognize not only their negative patterns but the deepest needs that drive them, and then to create a safe space where those needs can be shared and met to achieve true connection and intimacy.

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